Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Darren (human beat box) Robinson
Christian (spock) Bok

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troylloyd said...

Christian Bök is Canada's favourite experimental, sound and conceptual poet.

Christian Bok is an academic and poet.

Christian Bok is a great collection of poetry; it's really tricksy and funny and light.

Christian Bök is already famous here in Canada for his outrageous poetry achievements and stunts.

Christian Bok is speaking with brilliant banality.

Christian Bök, is a good example of this.

Christian Bok is the author of books.

Christian Bök is a critic.

Christian Bök is off enjoying the charms of Aussie academia.

Christian Bök is well represented on the net.

Christian Bök is a Canadian experiment.

Christian Bok is a language Magellan.

Christian Bok is making a big splash.

Christian Bök is best known for holding the world record for the fastest rendition of Kurt Schwitters' "Ursonate".

Christian Bok is one strange postmodern cookie.

Christian Bok is currently considered a "single author."

Christian Bok is currently a Professor of English.

Christian Bok is referring to ‘beautiful thinking’ .

Christian Bök is a leading figure of Newlipo.

Christian Bok is an OULIPO, like me.

Christian Bök is probably Canada's most famous.

Christian Bok is tapping this fountain with such eloquence that I have placed him on the top shelf of my hierarchical shelving.

Christian Bök is clearly a very intelligent and talented writer, but when I read his book Eunoia, I see all construction and no expression.

Christian Bok is a sound poet.

Christian Bök is so, so wrong.

Christian Bok is a Toronto academic.

Christian Bök is enjoying a resurgence of interest in Eunoia.

Christian Bok is certainly a genius.

Christian Bok is simply writing facetiously.

Christian Bök is the series opener with an exciting performance of beat box and groundbreaking experimental sound poetry.

Christian Bok is a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Fellow.

Christian Bok is a perfect example of the way in which an artist working in obscurity has huge impact past Canada.

Christian Bök is a sound poet and conceptual artist who teaches.

Christian Bok is a bit oulipo-lite I think, but it's a nice way to get warmed up for the hard stuff.

Christian Bök is a dynamic performer and creator of some of Canada’s most innovative poetry.

Christian Bok is reproduced by permission of Cabinet Magazine.

Christian Bok is alert.

Christian Bök is included.

Christian Bok is doing with poems and the genome, though I'm a little wary of it too.

Christian Bok is bestselling.

Christian Bök is a genius that spent seventeen years working on Eunoia.

Christian Bök is a fan of: Services Issue 1.

Christian Bok is blogging on Harriet.

Christian Bök is a book where all the words in each chapter are limited to using a specific vowel.

Christian Bok is ook een overweldigend voorbeeld van discipline.

Christian Bök is the drug fetus's hypertextual brain engine.

Christian Bok is a poet and candidate for a Ph.D. in pataphysics.

Christian Bök is getting the attention of New York.

Christian Bök is Being Followed By Dan Mellamphy.

Christian Bok is a visitor to this year’s New Zealand Post Writers and Readers Week.

Christian Bök is extraordinary, and in no way "turning sound-poems into speeded-up academic show-pieces".