Monday, April 13, 2009


Globular epidermis
Blimp for greet swipe
Noggin hog leg log grate
Leap lope moon pope wheat
S’neat sleet rope trick gone goph
global er spider
limp four bright sleet
nod in dog egg fog crate
nape load soon rope wept
smead leak pope dick dawn philosopher
labial air spide her
imbibe fur reet swap
noggin hag palimpsest
Hole for holes sweet sweet sweep
Plugz bugging whole mole
Blind but bats
Hellbent for nether
caliper gold gates nahrwal black rope
reep rape catalogue agogo
zulu ninja jaberwockey jujitsu
burst lime gut drake
nellow slide night bbq
fene wondrnestle
form foam bleep bleat
neather regions
gather rake
s'not snot
gastric gustro
gronk so gronk grink gets grunk
page plus pages raging maze
thruway straight to skulls
bumpin' chunks lumply wrustl'd
wrangling ranges outta range
gimlet shuck
offle skine
snake milk bleak brat potato
natural lecture
noddy notches
(symbols shatter'd)

farts fart

shark art

(pummel poetry)

pack light

(ain't no such thing as home)
(there are only words)

(or word)

o,r wurd

turdwerk beadweek
date rape dub rub
tubby dump'd deep
bleep blather bleep
& talkin' ties tether
flimsy definitions

like trying to define that feeling of your first tougue touch
writer paperscrape eyesome extravagaza
bodydance paper throw......
down town got to go
adjective fungal fugue lapis leprecaun lichin lick

waht about these final lines:

potto rainblow gold
sissyass'd faggots
fisting linguistic

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