Thursday, February 12, 2009

white trash culture that leads
off with page three and not
a topless place you
in a box, a big box
so there's room to move
inside the attraction
kind of ghosts

terrorist-orange in the face
of rising rents in virtual space
space with no people
only information

also texts

dealt from the sky
to much justified public alarm
part cowboy/part avant no pieced-on
three-button placket finis
technical brutal mix
with shapes of silence
that collide and seep existential
dread like while I had high ambitions
of making a lively posting

to rejuvenate all of you I am
obviously in need

of gunfire sounded on the streets
fatman terror town western acting
alternative art avant b-movie bad

this dick is a detatchable pussy
évoquant la transition entre l'époque
hot enough to peel paint
or increase a television show's viewership.

1 comment:

¡ avant(terror)unit ! said...

i see ghosts with no name
and also
ghosts whose names i know

one is frequently among the living dead--

not necessarily like the ones in the movies either but--
but ones who look and talk and think "just like poets"

rather than AS POETS

if there were an avant garde do you think it would be being taught and turned out like gerbils so the treadmill turning in their report cards to the laboratory technician --
to count the miles and miles they go before sleep--

seriously folks does the avant garde live inside academia?

usually the only avant gardes that are there are the ones dead, of the past, classified, measured , strip searched, disembowelled, perhaps even neutered for the fun of the academies gathered "conferences"--

is the subject is the author dead is poetry dead

yes you can find them all at the morgue in academia filed under
police reports
with closeup fotos of the cadavers

anyway if a guy who is a convinced that the avant garde means making war against the mainstream
then one knows that the aspiration is to be of the mainstream

witness mr bernstein doctor of protosophistry--
who went from jeering at the mainstream to being a steady old contributor to Harpers and soon enough should follow in the tracks of another wild far-out rebellious avantist by the name of--
damn can't think of her name at the moment, in the new yorker and i belive fanny howe also

so where did these folks want to go to begin with but make it to the pages of the Starriest Most Mainstream publication possible!!
and become poet laureate
be on the board of voters of funds at the americademy of arts and sciences--

hence they are called my friends "avantists"

what is an avantist but a person who can be simultaneously "before "or "ahead, in advance---"

like a person walking forward to actually make up all the ground "before" him or her and then "in advance" going to catch up with the "before" and so become installed in the library museum graveyards while still living

or who knows--

yes the avant is left behind but instead finds itself teaching others to emulate itself

now what kind of avant is that
those who can do
those who can't teach???