Monday, February 9, 2009

when would fail security clearance
when would fail the golden dawn
when would fail Introduction to media history
when would fail the night of the long knives the long lines the broken glass
where would burn the books in blaze
where would burn machine as extension
where would burn wild eyes of the long-hair bad acid
where would burn all the hellish dead authors
why would rip the scab from a healing wound
why would rip the veil torn asunder
why would rip the wigs from the heads of poets
why would rip the fleece from a flock of passive sheep
then would melt the nails and skin
then would melt the plastics and the hair
then would melt the towers and the people
then would melt the jungle gym the play yard
who would tear the pages out of bibles
who would tear the already torn
who would tear the clothes from the survivors
who would tear the faces from the terrorists
what would write the emergency shelter
what would write some deepfunk boogie
what would write drunken like a million monkies
what would write an awesome avant asshole
we would lick our genitals if we could
we would eat our young if want
we would smell our shit if we were alone
we would kill them all

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