Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scattered among the serial killers,
here and there a few war criminals:

(generals, presidents, major literary critics and theorists)

This is why El Colonel is interested in those american poets with connections via their university posts direct to such institutions as the pentagon, the large arms manufacturers, the various gun and Israeli lobbies--the large oil corporations--the funding of massive IBM endowments for the furtherance of the language poets so that the dullness of the non-original the boring the copying poet wil become elevated to the status of a God!

the great god XEROX MACHINE

and the huge deity IBM MACHINE

serial robot death wars
with copy machines and PCs
running amok and

turning on their human users--

El Generalissimo Margarine Perloff commanding her battalions of
Avantist shock troops as they let loose the dogs of war, the-most-
boring-ever masses of copier works unrolling them in colossally
accurate printouts that smother whole cities in a hostile
"re enactment" of Christo's "wrappings of coastlines"

-- smothering --
-- covering --

--(this is no gift) --

the notorious mass murderer and leader of a band of bloodthirsty tongue-thugs Nor Namillis --
"Il Gringo de Sangre"--the Bloody Gringo--whose New Sentences once passed have executed the deaths, remorseless,of millions of morphemes, dispatched in the huge camps of college campuses--housed inside innocuous anthologies into which they are plunged and from they never emerge!

"The reader is allowed to create their own meaning" croaks the Prophet of Doom--sounding like a badly made non-imitation but surreptitiously an homage none the less to Poe's Raven :
--Poet--Prophet--Serial Killah--

Then there is the new poetics of BORING TO DEATH the audience --
or boring to death the unsuspecting subject accosted and dragged into the bushes or into a closet a blind alley and recited poetry of the boring school until the screaming victim expires drenched and suffocating in the aves of boredom -- the tropical effulgence of overwhelming waves of the fungi and spores emitted by his boredom which rises atop the rotting bodies as it does deep in the woods from those rotting bases of the trunks of ancient and water soaked trees long ago abandoned even by termites :

and then again the mighty Book Lover Killer--

who Loves Books to Death

meaning uses books to
love to death person
she says let me read you

passage from my most loved book
see this will really kill yah
this really slaying passage--

and voila the reader in listening is decapitated--

works better than a guillotine, every time, grins lyn hejinain,knicking some organic cookie crumbs off the hand sewn peasnat blouse she picked up off the cropse of a previous victim on one of her trips of the ukraine, russia and georgia--

you shd see those peasants she beams
they really understand how much i
love these poems to death!
and they drop like fies!!
some of them their hearts burst with delight
and some of them
heads just explode
becuase like they say,

man, is poetry a mind blowing thing!!

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