Monday, February 9, 2009

poempigs bloody poempigs

Professors gathered in their glasses
Just like witches at MFA masses
Evil meminds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of critical construction
In the pages the bodies burning
As the poem-machine keeps uh turning
Dumdeath and theory hatred to shamkind
Poisoning their brainflushed blinds, oh fuck yeah!

Universities hide themselves away
They only started the poetic war
Why should they go out to write?
They leave that role to the paperless poor

Time will tell on their powerful canon
Making essays bang like guns
Treating people just like grades of waste
Wait till their judgement slayday comes,

Now in darkness, author stops turning
As the read-machine keeps uh burning
No more poetpigs of the power
Hand of terror has struck the hour
Day of bludgeonment, Thor is calling
On their knees, the poetpigs crawling
Begging mercy for their words
Jabberwocky, laughing, spreads its merde

All right fuckin' now!


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