Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a little death

Something about the way she smelled made me feel like all the nerves in my body had been turned off. It was like a hospital. A sterile, muzzy smell of injury and old people. Her eyes reminded me of those glittery night-sky floors they have in institutions. She had lips like an ambulance door. Her words drifted over my head like a blind person doing sign language. Her teeth were champed tight and red (at first I thought that she was bleeding, but I realised that is was her lipstick) under her bloodlips. Her eyes were like dentists lights. I needed sunglasses just to look at her and when I did she seemed far away as though she were an old film watched through the wrong end of a telescope. I felt drugged. The lethargy continued as I staggered away from her and back home. As I collapsed into bed I felt a little death within me. I dreamed of ending it all, but never actually did.

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