Thursday, February 5, 2009

charles berkobaudwitz

the dog said :

"To plunge to the bottom of the abyss,

whether it be Heaven or Hell,

To the bottom of the Unknown

in order to find something new ! "

and god damn it,

I listened to the mutt.

"Go out and kill"

commands father Sam.
chubby behemouth

old Chaos

Ugh, me hoot,

it hurts,

sonny boy

: blood for papa.

Terrifying head on cold teeth,

imprinting final farewell,

sleep in the boredom

of this sad lethargic world.

I am the victim

and the executioner!


Let me haunt you with these words:

I'll be back! I'll be back!

To be interpreted as

— bang bang bang, bank, bang —


Yours in murder,

Mr. Monster


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