Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The New Punk Funnies

for handmethmade matchbook
(in flames) Huge Inventory

in concept, dictionary is boring

& brick sez OE D(ump)

[ to break]
brique or bryke

some kiln needs heat
Did you go to the A Global Threat
show? It was punk as fuck
toppling builtings
windowless from above

Angry, Young and Poor

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No search results found angryyoungandpoordotcom

We couldn't find any jobs for punk as fuck, you poseurs.

Spit, Leather, Tartan, Puke, Speed, Sweat & Brer .

Please check the keyword terms you entered.

Punk Rock Records and Clothing Low $

You can also try using some other keywords,

My Mother Blurt Out A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People

or enter fewer words to expand your search.

loudfast bombast
blank to blank
& novoid
flung future

scuzzy junk
feed the fetus

someone who
is really good for nothing
has a bad attitude towards life
and gets wasted all the time

Slid is Viscous punk as fuck
Billy Rotten hellbendy heartcore
Henry Rollicks talkshow dbeatpersecond
Joey Backbone buzzkill dropdead
Darby Crash'd fast whiplash

brick brick brick
brick brick brick
brick brick brick
brick brick brick

argh for argh sake

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