Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cooptation by not funny woman poet, target of capitalist objectification

arcade peep show coin operated sonnet generator

best little poetry whorehouse in po mo po biz

dominates Buffalo Poetics List

list-serv attention whores' g-strings in a wad:

mayflower MFA madame upset:

"somebody's giving it away for free
while we should be getting paid "

this is your last chance

to give some love to the troubled fuller brush man

lightbulbs and brooms aren't selling as well
door to door as they once did

sorry an error has occurred
capitalism's short circuited

the feed for our moral hard wringing is probably down

try again later it was reported in a copy of the New Yorker

war is over if you want it

i thought poetry whores were provided free
for those who serve our cuntry?

Helen Reddy plays the grandma in

crush · crybabies · crying like a little girl ·

customer service · cue · damn kids ·
damn kids with their post-avant rock 'n roll

singing her same old same old I Am Woman
Poet Hear Me Roar tune

and a now new single:
"How Do I Lust for Thee,

Small Press Distribution Best Sellers List Year End List."

Our technical service group has been notified
of this error
Please do not email me about this
Just sit and wait it out

Good luck and best of the season

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